When To Call A Mobile Veterinarian

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If your pet is sick, requires check ups or the usual vaccinations, you do not always have to take them to the vet clinic. Some animals can be quite tedious to transport while a mobile vet can easily handle the services that you need. Do not worry about going through the trouble of taking your pets all the way to the vet clinic since mobile vets can handle the following quite conveniently at your home:

Puppy and kitten vaccination series and booster vaccinations

When your dog or cat has just given birth to a new litter, it is very difficult to safely transport all the puppies and kittens to the vet clinic. However, these vaccinations are very important for the health of the young ones. The mobile vet can administer the vaccines from the comfort of your own home. The same applies for the booster vaccinations for the other older animals.


Neutering involves removal of parts of the reproductive organs of the animal. The procedure is not very complicated and a well trained vet can carry it out from any location outside of the clinic. Mobile vets usually handle even large animals such as horses and cattle with the help of their assistants.

In-home Euthanasia

Pets can become a very important part of the family; it is unfortunate that their lifespan can sometimes be very short. In case your pet is very sick or old and needs to be put down, you can also call a mobile vet for in-house compassionate euthanasia. Therefore every member of the family gets a chance to say goodbye and the pet can enjoy its last moments surrounded by family.

Wellness Care

Regular check ups and wellness care are all necessary for the general health of the animals. These include administration of medication, medicated baths as well as nail, wing and beak trimming. During these regular evaluations, the vet can also get a chance to educate the pet owner more about caring for the animals, how to tell when the animals are sick or injured and the suitable environment to house the animals. It is a very knowledgeable experience for the pet owner as well.


When the animal is unwell or injured, moving it might not be the best option. Some animals also get very uneasy and violent when injured and it may be difficult to handle them at this time. You can call in a mobile vet for such emergencies day or night.

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