What You Should Know About Caring for a Pet Pig

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If you are a person who likes to have pets that are not necessarily the most traditional house pets, you may find yourself the proud pet parent of a baby pig. Pigs are interesting animals when it comes to keeping them as pets. They are often stereotyped as dirty and unclean animals, particularly in a historical sense. However, in many cases, pigs have gotten their bad reputation unfairly, and they can make great pets for a person who is aware of all that goes into caring for a pet pig. Get to know more about the care and accommodations that you will need to provide your pet pig to keep them healthy and happy as a member of your household.

Potty Training Your Pig

When it comes to potty training a pet pig, you are looking at a process that is somewhat a combination of caring for a cat and a dog. Pigs often require both indoor and outdoor potty training. You will need to get or make a litter box that can accommodate your pet pig and give them a designated potty place in your home.

Do not use a cat litter box, as these are too tall for your baby pig to comfortably use. It will also not be large enough once your pig grows up, as pigs are much larger animals than the average house cat. Pigs, like cats, should naturally want to use the litter box when in the house, though it may take some time and encouragement to get them to that point. Keep your baby pig in a small area of your home until they are trained. You can then move on to training your pig to go outside just like a dog.

Get Your Pet Pig Spayed or Neutered

It is also important that you get your pet pig spayed or neutered when they are relatively young. Animals that go into heat or have sexual drive are often more behaviorally unpredictable and aggressive than others. And as your pig grows larger, unspayed or unneutered pigs may become aggressive with other pets.

This could lead to unplanned visits to the emergency animal clinic for injury treatments. Additionally, if your pet female pig were to get pregnant, you could be making similar trips to the clinic for pregnancy care and delivery of the babies. It is better to get ahead of the process and get your pet pig spayed or neutered before they reach the point of being able to reproduce to avoid the possible complications.

Now that you know more about caring for a pet pig, you can be sure that you provide them with the best healthcare and training possible.